Wine Importers Australia

Elite Wine Importers is currently a small family run business. It first began in 1994 when  it was seen that there was a lack of Portuguese liquor products available to those of Portuguese decent and also for those who had travelled to Portugal and  were hoping to find  a taste of their holiday back here in Australia.

Elite Wine Importers mainly imports Portuguese beer (Sagres), various white and red wines as well as spirits and ports.

Recently, in 2002, Elite Wine Importers, has begun to broaden their imports to those from other countries, namely the spirit Cachaca 51 from Brazil. Again, just as they had in the beginning, Elite Wine Importers found that there was a demand for a product from another country which was not being represented as widely as the demand asked in the liquor stores. It was this demand which consequently lead Elite Wine Importers to begin exploring the possibility of importing Cachaca 51 from Brazil.

The aim of Elite Wine Importers is to continue distributing such highly recognised and well sought after Portuguese liquor as well  to gradually bring in any product which is not widely represented but widely demanded.

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