Antiquíssima Reserva

Antiquíssima Reserva

Product Information

Alcohol Volume

40% Alc Vol, 22.1 Standard Drinks Per Bottle

Carton Size

6 x 700ml (individualy boxed)

Product Description

product of our distilleries, is the result of a careful selection of the best brandies and a long aging in oak.Meets ancient knowledge and tradition of the Alliance, development of aged grappa exception.

Stage: 8 years in Portuguese and American oak barrels.

Tasting notes: amber color. Intense aroma dominated notes of wood and nuts.Soft in the attack, complex and velvety, with a long and engaging end.

Gastronomy: Ideal to drink as a digestive.

Service temperature: 20 ° C

16 Points Wine Passion magazine in July 2010 p. 21
87 Points The Sommelier Magazine Nov / Dec p. 25



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