Sagres Radler

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Product Description

SAGRES RADLER® is a new dimension of flavor and freshness!SAGRES RADLER®, inspired on a Bavarian recipe that combines Sagres with natural lemon juice in a doubly refreshing drink with a low alcohol content.

SAGRES RADLER®, low alcohol content beer (only 2% alcohol by volume) was launched with  the aim of responding to the needs of a public that has a different taste and enjoys lighter and highly refreshing drinks.

In March 2014, Sagres Radler gives its voice to those who are currently refreshing Portugal, under the motto “Os Novos do Restelo”, exalting all the innovative projects which have been contributing to a renewed freshness in Portugal.

Through this initiative, this highly successful innovative beer will be adding a new perspective to beer, reinventing and transforming situations seen as traditional and familiar into something modern, innovative and exciting, contributing with a renewed freshness.

A boundless experience, Sagres 0.0% Radler is a natural and light beer, ideal as a healthy meal accompaniment for those who enjoy lighter and highly refreshing drinks.

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