Macieira D’Alma XO Aguardente Vinica Velha

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Alcohol Volume

40% Alc Vol, 15.8 Standard Drinks Per Bottle

Carton Size

6 X 500ml (Individually Box)

Product Description

Tasting Notes: Unique flavor, aromatic and smooth, yet persistent. A comforting and constant discovery of new aromas and feelings. Bright amber and clear aspect. Complex, rich and intense but with great delicacy. It has a strong presence of wood which infuses notes of chocolate and spices. Smooth and well structured, rich aroma and mellow. Full-bodied. Lingering after-taste. 

Distillation: Produced from a careful selection and blend of the best brandies, Aguardente Velha D’Alma is a brand of old brandy, produced in limited editions, aged a minimum of 10 years in the finest French oak casks. It is during the ageing in Limousin oak casks that Aguardente Velha D’Alma absorbs some of the wood components. It is concentrated due to the alcohol’s slow evaporation. Each year, it loses about 3% of the aged volume. This constant evaporation is called “the angel’s part”.

Recommendations:  It should be appreciated neat, at room temperature in a balloon glass, preferably made of crystal. Sip slowly and enjoy. It is the ideal conclusion to a rounded meal.

  • Alcohol: 40% Vol
  • Type of Spirit: Aguardente (fire water)

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